Bro. Kevin Crossland

Senior Warden

Heal Clicking is Mandatory

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Bro. Adam Von Emloh

Junior Warden

Still learning to click my heels.

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Bro. Kevin Trebble

Senior Deacon

I dont wear Heels!

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Bro. Patrick Moynihan

Junior Deacon

Thats not in the job discription!

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Bro. Graham Thewlis-Hardy

Inner Guard

So where did I put that dagger

Bro. John Spieght

Assistant Secetary

Traveling Man.

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Bro. Kevin Sparrow

Senior Steward

Waiting on the Brethren is an honour! (says who?)

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Bro. Andrew Treble


My brother said it would be fun!

Bro. Gregg Hunter


Masonry with a Kentish Twist