Bro. Kevin Crossland
Senior Warden

Heal Clicking is Mandatory

Hello Again

OK where to I begin,  as you know I am Kevin  and have only been a Freemason for 3 years, it has been a very interesting and thought provoking couple of years.

I Joined the Forces at the age of 17, and completed a full and varied career in the Army,  serving in Germany Northern Ireland, Falklands, Belgium, Cyprus, Belize, and all points in between.

I left the forces in 1989 and once I had found a job which allowed me some regular free time,  I looked around to  finding an interest that me allowed me to give back some of the experiences gained whilst serving in the armed forces, Leadership Camaraderie, Self worth and yes a sense of pride in oneself and the organisation you were part of.

As I loved the outbound style of life style experience such as camping, climbing, canoeing, archery, shooting, and the obligatory walking.

It was a natural step to join the Scout Movement, First as an Assistant Scout Leader, During my years in Scouting I move through the roles ending up as a District Commissioner, for Batley, which was then merged with Dewsbury and Heckmondwike, under the Banner of the "Heavy Woolen District" taken from the numerous Mills and weaving traditions Of the area.

Unfortunately due to changes in employment, I was unable to give the free time that being an active Scout Group Leader and District Commissioner one who ran his own Group wearing one hat and then one changed hat to try and visit over 20 individual groups on evenings, weekends, and even visit visiting Scout groups from other counties who had visited our district camp sit. Sadly after much deliberation I left the Scout Movement.

Very quickly this left me with a feeling of missing something, It became clear I missed the comradeship of the Forces, and yes even the bonding you gain in Scouting when passing on skills to young people with inquiring minds, and a desire to learn new things,  

I was introduced into Masonry by a neighbor to visit his local lodge, "Cockburn"  I soon found I liked the surroundings of the lodge the warmth and genuine   manner in which I was welcomed by the good and the great of this new band of brothers I was soon to join.

Since joining I have made steady progress through the first degrees in Freemasonry

Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and raised to the position of a Master Mason.

On this winding road I have chosen to take I have also decided that; I wanted to take an active part in the ritual of the lodge and have stepped onto the "Ladder" and have taken the first two steps,  "Inner Guard" and now currently hold the position, of Junior Deacon.

Well that's my story so far, but it has a long way to go....and long may it continue.

I hope to continue with my "in the spotlight" story,  you can drop by any time and see how I am progressing,

or better still drop by in person and grab a seat and lets chat,

Finally, if you see the goat wandering on its own please come knock on our door and let's see if we are what you are looking for.

Sincerely and Fraternally