Something for the Weekend?

Well here is a masonic visit with a twist.

I attended a Lodge of a work collegue over in York, he had asked me to attend his regular lodge as he had a vistor coming up from London who wanted to see as many 2nd Degree Ceromanies as he could, and wanted to see what differences in the various ritual masons follow, his lodge in London use Taylors where Chris's Lodge used York Rite,

Whilst we were chatting he invited myself Chris and another of my work colleagues who had joined us for the night to come and enjoy a "ladies weekend"  that was being run between Aldgate and St Thomas of Acon.

when the invites came via email, it was some what of a shock to say the least as the venue these two London Lodges were visiting was over in Italy to be more precise at the Britannia Excelsior Lodge on the banks of Lake Como!.

When i read the itinary ~ smiled sweatly at the wife and said EH UP fancy a jolly trip to Italy...whilst she was still on the internet and looked for the best price for flights...

Sadly being up North it was either cost prohibitive or multi connecting flights..decided to drive to Luton airport and fly from there.

long day at work ~ shower and drive to luton ...7am flight landed in Malpas Airport,,,coach to lake como,  amazing hotel..well organised sorted out our room dropped bags. Had a lunch that really set the scene for what was to come........

i have to admit, I have never been to |taly but this will not be the first of I hope many visits.

Clean air, good food oh yes and not a bad bottle or three of wine.

the actual "partners"  banquet was an eye opener. Every one dressed in their finery  everything done with full Ceromany.

Masonry is moving into unchartered waters, and this visit shone a light of how out of step we are with each other, and the greater world we live in.

I met a master of a lodge who was sporting a bright pink Mohican haircut and his lady had bright blue hair.  though once we sat down and had a few chats and a few limoncellos it all went swimmingly.

A the formal greeting of the "Masters" of the Lodges running this wonderful event, I was introduced to the master of St Thomas of Acon and his partner, yep they were a gay couple but, you could not have met a finer example of what a mason should be, caring and generous with his time and passion for freemasonry.

to encapsulate it all into a few words ~ it was an event to savour and one I would definately love to be asked to attend another.

During this trip i was introduced to one of the guests namely WBro. Martino G.A.Cartella SLGR, who was the Secetary for Certes Lodge 4606, and that introduction led to my next adventure..

Captin Kirk would loved to have said ~   To boldly go where no Mason has gone before!