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Cockburn Lodge No. 5362
Consecrated 25th November 1932
Lodge Profile Document
No. 5362 on the Register of Lodges of the United Grand Lodge of England
Province of Yorkshire West Riding
The Masonic Hall,
Thornfield House,
Bruntcliffe Road
LS27 0QG

History of the Lodge and its membership

In 1931, informal discussions took place amongst several Freemasons, who were all school masters at Cockburn High School, Burton Road, Hunslet, Leeds, or who had been educated at that school or its predecessor, The Southern Higher Grade School, Bewerly Street, Hunslet, to consider the formation of a Masonic Lodge, which would have close associations with the masters and pupils of the School.

On the 22nd. December 1931, the first formal meeting took place in the Headmasters study of Cockburn School.

On the 10th February 1932, it was decided that the proposed Lodge would meet at the Masonic Hall Great George Street, Leeds, on the 2nd Friday in each month, except July and August.

This remained the case until 8th September 1978, when the Lodge re-located to our present address at Thornfield House, Masonic Hall, Bruntcliffe Road, Morley.

Today, we have members from various walks of life, Engineers, IT, Retired emergency services, ex-military, Banking industry, Accountants, Self employed businesses to name but a few.

Our Meetings

Our “Regular Meetings”, where we admit and advance members, and change our Officers for the year, are held at the Masonic Hall Thornfield House, Bruntcliffe Road, Morley LS27 0QG, on the second Friday of each month, except July and August, starting at 6.30p.m.

The dress code is dark suit, white collar, black or masonic tie, black shoes.
On each Tuesday, there is an informal get-together to practice certain parts of the meeting and have a discussion over a drink.

There are several social events throughout the year involving our partners.


The annual membership fee is £270 (22/23 membership period), payable at the start of each year. As well as covering the running costs of the Lodge, it includes the annual membership fee of the United Grand Lodge of England, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire West Riding, and the Masonic Hall building.

There is also a one-off fee for becoming a member of the Lodge, which is in the order of £130, which covers administration costs.

Charity is important to Freemasons and we are invited to make donations to Masonic and non -Masonic causes. How much you donate is between you and your personal circumstances. There is no minimum or maximum limit of donation.

As a paid up Lodge member, you can attend meetings of other Lodges for no extra fee,(apart from dining). We have a 4/5 course meal after each of our “Regular Meeting”, costing £20.

Membershipwho are we looking for?

We welcome enquiries for membership from members of our community who would be able to participate regularly and share our values of:- Love for one another, Caring, High Standards, Charity, Belief.

The general requirements for membership under the United Grand Lodge of England are:

  • Male. (there are Masonic Lodges that admit women).
  • A belief in God. This may be through membership or alignment with one of the mainstream religions of the world, a personal spiritual belief, or that the laws of science and nature equate with a higher power or a Supreme Being guiding you
  • You will not be asked to explain or justify you belief, but when the name of God or the Great Architect of the universe is invoked, this should mean something to you.
  • At least 18 of age.  Currently Our Lodge members ages, range from mid 30’s to 92.
  • New members of the Lodge should be worthy of our trust and friendship and should treat all people with integrity, humility and respect. 
What promises are made?

As a Freemason, you are accepted into a community that prides “honour and virtue above the external advantages of rank and fortune” and so other Freemasons will see you as being friendly and trustworthy. As you may wish to attend meetings or gatherings where you are not know, there are ways of proving that you are a Freemason. When you become a member, you are asked to declare that:-

  • You voluntarily seek membership and for honest reasons
  • You seek membership because you agree with its principles and a desire to improve yourself.
  • You agree that you will act and abide by the principles and traditions of Freemasonry.
  • You will not disclose anything to a non-member that you’ve been asked not to.

What will I get from membership?

People join for many different reasons. For most, it is an opportunity to meet like minded individuals. It is a chance to be part of a team and to develop skills, such as leadership, administration and public speaking. It is a chance to expand your social circle, It is a chance to become involved in your community and act charitably. You will become a member of a worldwide organisation with a long history in continuing traditional values.

How do I join?

Contact us. Ask. Nobody is invited to join. You ask us. We’ll have a chat over a drink perhaps on one of our Tuesday evenings and se if it’s for you. Come along to one of our many social events.

There is no pressure from us to join. Freemasonry sells itself.

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