In the name of Charity ~ Our 3 Peaks story imageIn the name of Charity ~ Our 3 Peaks story imageIn the name of Charity ~ Our 3 Peaks story image
3 Peaks Challenge ~ Saturday October 1st, 2022

The Yorkshire Three Peaks route is 24 miles (38.6km) and includes 1585m (5200ft) of ascent.

First of all, a HUGE thank you to all who took part

The Walkers

Steve Naylor, Kevin Sparrow, Adam Speight, Amanda Speight, Richard Davis, Emma Davis, Steve Sykes, big welcome! good to have you along with us; oh yes and some old codgers who tagged on the end Martyn Stringer and Kevin Crossland.

Support Team

The one and only Brian McArthur, whose attendance had a massive impact at each checkpoint to ensure we were all fit and well, this all from the comfort of a heated battle truck! All joking aside, without the luxury of being able to shed or pick up extra gear, food, dry cloths, flasks/bottles of water as and when needed, it would have been a much harder challenge around some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, which remains a very harsh and demanding walk in what was a typical UK October's changing weather.

So with light hearts and a merry cry “lets crack on,” off we set at 7:15 leaving from the Golden Lion Pub carpark . Chapel le Dale at 7:15 am to head off for the 1st peak.

Pen-y-Ghent (694 metres)
Whernside (736 metres)
Ingleborough (723 metres)

Ingleborough was the third and final summit, before returning to Chapel le Dale. At 19:12 (for the last group to arrive) so under the 12 hours by 3 mins, just as it got dark!

Each and every one of us deserved to enjoy that well-earned drink at the end, in a pub packed with likeminded people, some of whom we met on the way up, and down those peaks, all of one mind saying "never again” ha.

It was a brute of a walk; Kevin Crossland stated; “the Zig-Zag path up to Ingleborough is for the certifiable insane!

Well done to all who took part, and paraphrasing Richard III ~ “And brethren in Morley now abed. Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here, and hold their manhood’s cheap while any speaks, that struggled with us on 3 Peaks Day!

For pictures of this battle between stamina, sheer will power, and the peaks themselves on that memorable day head over to the Lodge 3 Peaks photo gallery.
Finally, what the day was all about and for ~ raising funds for Bernardo's ~ So far we have raised a cracking £2,389, a fantastic amount.
Kevin Crossland also stated “pleased to say, once the book closes, a further £500 will be donated by Lloyd's Banking Group … a fantastic amount for a very worthy cause.

Donations are now closed – but we will be back with another worthy charitable cause and plan of action.

Cockburn Lodge No. 5362 3 Peaks Challenge 2022

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